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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  June 9, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> didn't look entirely human last night. impressive first showing. >> you can almost see the smoke coming from the ball. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> g >> moment so legged, the nationals a new base the lives up to the hype, the major league debut of stephen strasburg. election night belonged to the women. we will check out the results. good morning washington biggins right now. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good wednesday morning, washington. i am doug mcelway. >> i am alison starling. we're glad you are joining us. did you watched the baseball game? >> i did. unbelievable. >> we will go to traffic and
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weather. >> i watched it in bed. i lasted the entire game. i have a computer on as well. i did not get much sleep, but it was worth it. showers moving into hagerstown and martinsburg and warrington. airline pushing off to the southeast. some showers today off and on, heavy at times. 74 degrees this afternoon. we will talk about tomorrow coming up. there is an accident on 95 northbound in newington blocking one lane. two lanes are getting by with a delay of woodbridge. liberia is closed at prince william. glenn allen avenue, there's an accident at deerfield road, one
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portion blocked and one portion getting through. we begin with stevens strasbourg's major league debut. the pitching phenom did not disappoint, putting in a record- setting performance against the pittsburgh pirates. >> [applause] >> he struck out the team record of 14 batters over seven innings on the mound. every one of those strikeouts noticed by the fans. >> it has to be a lot of pressure on him, but he remains calm. >> 40,000 fans packed the nationals park for the debut. they beat the pirates 5-two. much more on the big game coming up later in sports.
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>> of voters across the country have spoken. the message they're sending to washington if is to watch out. anti-incumbent was the implication. good morning, courtney robinson. >> we saw one incumbent hang on, but it was a big day for all the contenders, in a long night for some of them as well. the women came out winners in the end. it was the voters who gave women their voice. " no more backroom politics. >we said notes to the dark side of politics. >> despite rumors of infidelity, nikki haley pulled through a the first woman ever to get close to getting the gop nod for governor in south carolina. >> this senator is not for sale.
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>> arkansas's incumbent democratic senator blanche lincoln will face a republican opponent this fall, but it was a hard-fought primary against the lieutenant governor. in california, for the first time the voters put two women at the top of their tickets, after spending millions of thrown money, meg whitman will run for republican gov.. for senate another woman and a former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. >> this could be the biggest year on record for republican women running for statewide office. >> in nevada there was another woman. she will face harry reid, senate majority leader, in the general election. that is sharon angle. tea party supporters to occurred to victory. the tea party's unfavorable
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rating is up to 53% in a new poll. local winners of the virginia republican congressional primaries, keith fimian has won the district 11. he will face gerry connolly in the fall. in district 8, patrick murray is the winner. he will face tim brant. >>-- jim moran. bp says that it should soon be able to capture all the oil spewing. some scientists say it's much > the company and the government have claims. president obama will go to the gulf coast next monday and tuesday. he will visit to mississippi, alabama, and florida. > federal reserve chairman ben bernanke is expected to
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deliver a tough love message on the economy. he will testify before the house budget committee. he is likely to call on congress and the white house to develop a plan to reduce the record budget deficits. he will say that not doing so will her to the economy and the long run. wall street will be open for another repeated yesterday when the dow jones gained 123. asian stock markets have been lower this morning on worries of european debt. police in your will take joran van der sloot for a walk through the crime scene as early as today. he has confessed to the killing of a 21-year-old business student. police have until the weekend to file criminal charges. he was the prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of natalee holloway. drivers using the rock creek parkway, starting today there will be so work that could mean lane closures on q street in
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northwest. that will take place during off- peak hours. south and north bound lanes will be closed and that will last through august. it's 5:06 on this wednesday. still ahead, a scary landing caught on tape. we will tell you how a pilot and his passenger walked away from this runway crash. big changes to the new bike lanes in downtown d.c. rain in the metro region. lanes in downtown d.c. rain in the metro region. we will see when the sunshine
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captioned by the national captioning institute >> 5:10 a.m. on this monday. there's no rain outside in arlington, but you need the umbrella off for later. it's moving into town. showers are pretty numerous off to the west. let's look at super doppler 7 radar. moving through west virginia and the shenandoah valley and approaching parts of western loudoun county and especially moving into fauquier county and frontal. the showers are pushing to the
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east. temperatures in the 60's. off and on light to moderate rain showers throughout the day and maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. 74 degrees. tomorrow back to sunshine, mid 80's. >> liberia avenue has just reopened at a prince william parkway. there was a crash earlier. everything looks good right now on 270. still watching an accident on lahill rd, a bloc that glen allen navajo, only a portion getting through. no. 95, there's the crash in springfield before newington. only one lane blocks. no problems going into the district. this is traffic across the 14th street bridge and getting on to the southwest freeway. alison and doug. >> thank you. there are new changes to
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the new bike lanes on pennsylvania avenue. the original design in downtown washington included one car side lane on each side of the median, but the new design squeezes the bike lanes into the existing areas in most parts. they say it limiting the bike lanes to the median is less confusing for drivers and is safer for cyclists. >> 66 degrees right now, clouds moving in and. >> heavy hearts at a high school graduation just days after a tornado. an airplane slips at reagan national and it's caught on
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>> in our top stories, several
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key races were decided on the biggest night of the primary season. arkansas democratic senator blanche lincoln survived the runoff election. california republicans chose the two wealthy businessmen -- businesswomen and other nominees for senate and governor. and women will take on harry reid in the senate. stephen strasburg struck out a team record 14 batters over seven innings on the mound. a sold-out crowd, more than 40,000 fans watched as the national defeated pittsburgh. two construction workers were killed in texas, second pipeline explosion in two days. a bulldozer struck a gas pipeline. three other workers were injured. on monday a worker was killed when a utility crew ruptured pipeline near dallas. metro is planning a memorial
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event on the anniversary of the june 22 red line crash that killed nine. some victims' family members say that they are upset the transit agency did not tell them about this. people invited will be the victims' families, but planning is still underway. karen moments at reagan national yesterday. an antique airplane flipped. the vintage 1942 airplane landed but then it slipped. it happened during an event to promote the new 3 d movie at the aaron space museum. -- air and space museum. >> i could hear the propeller crunch and flipped over. we were hanging upside down. >> the pilot and the passenger
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ñ i am on the phone with a fellow says on new york avenue leaving the district, there's a crash that occurred at the baltimore washington parkway getting on to the parkway near the pepsi plant in that area. i will send the police over there. let's look at traffic in virginia. not bad on 66. look good on the dulles
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greenway. already to the west of the metro area there is moderate rain coming down around west virginia and cumberland, md.. the leading edge of this hour' -- the showers, pushing into prince william county and a stretching down to fredericksburg. there is light rain in advance of heavy rain that is off to our west. if temperatures are in the mids 60's. in parts of the ohio valley there's rain. there's an area of low pressure that is causing unsettled weather, active weather on this wednesday. heavy showers off to the west. this is continuing to push off to the east. we have light showers now compared to later this afternoon.
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there will be downpours and possible thunderstorms later. damp and wet wednesday. the rest of the week looks great. 74 degrees today with off and on showers. tonight we will feel humidity just for the night time. tomorrow humidity will drop again and it will be comfortable with highs in the mid 80's with sunshine, breezy. qwest will end tomorrow at 10- 20. looks good. friday it still looks pleasant in the mid 80's, sunday. heat and humidity by the weekend. hart mccants loss replaced by some joy and celebration at an ohio high school graduation. if it was the class of 2010. they held a ceremony at a nearby community college. their school was damaged by a tornado that ripped through northwest ohio last weekend. five people were killed including the father of the valedictorian. there was a moment of silence before the ceremony.
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the google search is getting an upgrade. nasa wants to send your face into space. >> google search results get a jolt. they have overhauled the technology that powers the search results. if the company says that the new system called caffeine will provide 50% fresher results, finding links much sooner after their published than ever. and did searches more content on line, covering more of the fast- growing web. microsoft office web includes scaled-down versions of word, excel, a point, and one notes. users can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, slide shows, and notes. if the application goes through a web browser so you can access if your files on line. it's available at office
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and hotmail will feature new organisation tools, integrated social networks and lets you watch videos or pictures inside your in box. it is worth a look. >> it has helpful tools. there is something called click views that solves your e-mail into four categories that include office, photographs, e- mails that includes shipping information, and any of those e- mails that come in, automatically go into those voters. >> finally, nasa wants to send your face into space. it's asking the public descender pictures off into space on one of the two remaining space shuttle flights. you can choose between discovery in september or the other one in november. go to the nasa website for more information. you can download a special
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certificate after the flight. for more information, log on to the technology page at i am vinita nair. 66 degrees on this wednesday morning. how good was stephen strasburg in his debut? cooperstown reportedly called them to ask for a souvenir after the game. we will have a recap of the historic performance, coming up. today on "the oprah show", getting out of
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>> welcome back. 5:24 on this wednesday. the second day in the summer of strasbourg. his incredible debut. you might have missed the los angeles lakers taking game 3 of the nba finals last night. >> the celtics did not have stephen strasburg, that is foreshore. >> looks like a man can walk on water. now to tim brant for more. >> stephen strasburg's debut was magical, historical, entertaining, and dominating. 14 strikeouts. he struck out his last seven batters in a row. he beat the pirates last night's five-two. stephen strasburg and not waste time validating all the excitement if. >> there are a little nervous.
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i thought i would be a lot more nervous. >> 100 mile an hour fastball. he struck out in the fifth and again in the seventh. he retired his last 10 batters and finish with 14 strikeouts, setting a team record, a fairy tale beginning. if asked buddy would remember first about this first night -- >> kind of like getting married, you want to remember everything and once it is done you cannot remember a thing. [laughter] >> 40,000 people at the ballpark loved every second of it. have a great day. >> now i think the pressure is really on. >> how do you top that? i cannot stop watching even though i am not a big baseball fan. it should be such a great thing for washington. >> i think a lot of people feel the same. >> it is a good thing for baseball all around. 66 degrees.
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the news continues with good morning washington at 5:30. >> in the next half-hour, a local high school drop a respected journalist and picked up another. stephen strasburg eric took to the mound. how are the fans reacting after his performance? details coming up. we are checking on the latest weather conditions. the maps are lighting up this
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>> live and in hd, this is good morning washington, on your side., keyword >> straight ahead on this wednesday morning, voters vent frustration if and the tea party tries to flex their muscles.
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good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this wednesday, june 9. i am alison starling. >> i am doug mcelway. let's check on traffic and weather first. >> it still feels comfortable in side, it feels nice. it was nice of the ballpark yesterday. it was nice for the nationals game. rain showers moving into town and they will be here for the day. the rain is pushing in from the west right now, already in parts of loudoun county and western prince william county, a frederick county. it is pushing east. chevy van's behind this. off and on showers. a few downpours. maybe a brief thunderstorm this afternoon. 74 this afternoon. if lots of sunshine tomorrow, mid 80's with low humidity. 270 southbound, a growing
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volume. there is a wreck on 95 on the main line in the clinton with one lane closed. there's a delay starting. layhill road at glenallen, there was a crash, but that is gone. metrorail is on normal service. stephen strasburg eric took the field as one of the most hyped players in baseball history -- stephen strasburg took the field. he picked up a big win. it was a sold-out ballpark. brianne carter is live with reaction. >> good morning. reactions from inside the ballpark, a standing ovation was given by the fans tuesday and strasbourg. many of them wondering whether or not he would live up to the challenge. they say that he certainly did. >> my heart was beating fast. >> for oberg a year the hite has been building.
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>> you pay a lot of money for tickets. >> the time has finally come for france to get a first look at the highly anticipated pitching phenom and is 100 mile an hour fastball. >14 strikeouts. the 21-year-old lived up to the expectations if, bringing a standing-room-only crowd to their feet. >> there has to be a lot of pressure on him if with the fact that he's been able to stay calm, cool, and collected. >> certainly what they wanted. they got it. the nationals will take on cleveland's this weekend's. brianne carter reporting. remember to tune in tonight at 8:00 for an abc 7 sports special, the inauguration of stephen strasburg. >> that game was worth the wait. at the polls on tuesday at the voters in 12 states cast
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ballots in their primary elections. as expected, there was a major incumbent backlash. courtney robinson has results from some of the hottest races around the country. >> good morning. we saw one in, onto her seat, but we saw women taking victories across the country. the major one coming in california. voters put two women at the top of their tickets for governor. billionaire meg whitman spent a record $70 million of her own money on the campaign for senator. carly fiorina has won as well. carly fiorina took the stage setting that career politicians need to be warned that now you are facing a list nightmare, two
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businesswomen from the real world who know how to create jobs, balanced budgets, and know how to get things done. a great night for women. if we will follow the races and give you all the latest in the next hour. courtney robinson reporting. let's look at stories making news today. testimony will begin today in the former illinois gov. rod blagojevich's corruption trial. the first witness will be as close friend and former chief of staff. prosecutors say that he used his power as governor to get the benefits for themselves and his inner circle. his lawyer says that he was an honest man. joran van der sloot is expected to visit the crimes scene with peruvian police. he confessed to the killing of a 21-year-old young woman in peru. he was the prime suspect in the disappearance of a teenager in
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aruba in 2005. her mother is speaking out. she was in d.c. yesterday to launch the natalee holloway resource center at the national museum of crime and punishment. >> again we need to remind ourselves and keep the family of stephany flores in our hearts and prayers. he was accused of trying to extort $250,000 from the family of natalee holloway. montgomery county schools are bracing for more financial trouble. the school board has approved a $2.1 billion budget that calls for 252 teaching positions to be eliminated and extracurricular activities to be cut off. class sizes will increase. the washington post reports the company will pay the district more than $2 million to develop
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an elementary school curriculum. walt whitman high school in bethesda has found a new commencement speaker. cbs news correspondent bob schieffer will speak at monday's graduation ceremony. he replaces helen thomas who stepped aside after making inflammatory comments about israel. she retired on monday because of the fire storm created by her remarks. still ahead, president obama goes back to the gulf coast. bp says it is making progress. we will have an update on day 51 of the oil spill. first we will have another check on traffic and weather every
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>> i am muezzimrs. preston, a reading teacher at thurgood marshall middle school in temple hill, maryland. >> good morning, washington. >> we said good morning, washington, as well. 5:39 is the time on this wednesday. let's get to traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> it's not raining yet, but it will be later. >> we will have rain showers will begin. nothing on the beltway right now. nothing in the stafford area right now.
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showers are just pushing into a frederick county and approaching the leesburg. within minutes. moving into parts of prince william county. behind the leading edge of rain there are off and on showers for the rest of the day. 58 at reagan national. low to mid 50's elsewhere. on our way to the low to mid 70's this afternoon. a few downpours here and there today. tomorrow, low humidity, mid 80's. let's look of the roadways with lisa baden. dry out of frederick into montgomery county. there is no traffic. approaching and passing 109 getting down to a truck scales, trafficked right now on 270. northbound delays begin at potomac mills in virginia with a crash at newington where the left lane is closed. alison and doug. >> thank you. 8:30 is the start of our
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movie on the national mall tonight that's called "make noel frien little friend." it shows a visionary architect of our city. that's at 8:30 p.m. on the mall. valid jarrett will be attending. 66 degrees on this wednesday. >> a little piece of lady diana fetches a very big price at auction. >> a new scientific discovery, an
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>> welcome back. 5:44. looking at our top stories. the biggest primary day of the year ended with decisions in several key races. if arkansas democratic senator
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blanche lincoln survived. california republicans chose women and other nominees for governor. nevada republicans chose t the tea party favorite to take on every read. stephen strasbourg put in a record-setting performance for his major league debut. he struck out a team record of 14 batters over seven innings on amount. a sold-out crowd of more than 40,000 watched as they defeated the pittsburgh pirates. lynsey mollohan violated the terms of prevail with an adverse reports by an alcohol monitor on her ankle. the judge did not reveal the specifics, but prevailed was doubled to $200,000, which was posted after the hearing -- lindsay lohan. bps as its latest effort is working, but thousands of
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gallons are still gushing into the coastal waters. meantime, president obama is getting ready for a fourth trip to the region fell amid growing criticism. pamela brown has more details on that. >> with pressure mounting, president obama logo to mississippi, alabama, and florida over the next week. bp says it is siphoning the most oil in 24 hours since the oil leaked. new discoveries by scientists are overshadowing signs of progress. we have seen this oil gushing, but we've not seen a massive cloud of oil that lurks deep below the surface, miles from the leaking oil well. >> [unintelligible] >> the discovery by government scientists is another blow to the company after the company said this just last week's. >> we have not found oil plume. >> it's pushing the president to
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toughen his language. >> looking at what is happening with the gulf, deep concern, that will put more additional pressure on congress to work with states and the administration to help deal with this tragedy and this crisis. >> bp says it is siphoning some of the oil, 50,000 barrels a day with a containment dome, but that is doing little to quell concerns. there's an ominous warning that people should not swim or fish off a 6 mile stretch of the gulf coast. bp it will still kno -- says itl donate proceeds from oil recovered to wildlife protection. pamela brown reporting, abc 7 news. a virginia woman is accused of leaving her three-year-old daughter in a car while she used
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heroin in a motel. the 34-year-old was found in frederick, maryland yesterday morning, charged with leaving a child unattended in a vehicle with reckless endangerment and with drug offenses as well. west virginia woman lose body was found in a burning apartment along with her son may have owed a suspect money. 34-year-old for antonio killed angela and her toddler and set fire to their house. the search for him has expanded to include the d.c. area. there will be changing of the guards at arlington national cemetery. john metzler jr is retiring after 19 years as superintendent. the high point of his career was expanding the ceremony so they could take new burials until 2016. last fall there was allegations into poor record-keeping. his father also served as superintendent of arlington national cemetery. it's 5:48, for a looked at
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traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> 66 degrees, not as nice as yesterday. >> today will be wet with showers off and on. is no rain locally at this moment, nothing a roundabout way. that's a look at the nation's capital. looking to the west, we are dry. the crowds get darker closer to the horizon because that is the rain in the distance pushing to the east. super doppler 7 shows rain showers moving to the east and there's a downpour approaching and god and berkeley springs. the yellow and orange are the heavy showers. -- downpour approaching berkeley springs. from falls church to the west all the way to front will and along the corridor -- front royal, that is pushing to the
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east. we have heavy showers off to the west that will be pushing in our direction. it will be rainy. maybe a brief and is from this afternoon, garden variety. -- breeze thunderstorm this afternoon -- brief a thunderstorm. we are in the mid 60's right now, mid-70s's this afternoon. there will be rain off and on throughout the day and even short downpours. tomorrow we start in the upper 60's, rising to the mid 80's. a lot of sunshine with low humidity. gusty wind out of the west at 10-20. friday will be similar to tomorrow but without the wind. 84 degrees with sunshine. on the weekends we expect a summertime weather pattern. we return to heat and humidity this weekend and into monday.
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not doing well. on 95 leading potomac mills, mainline and hov delays from potomac mills. the crash on a punt 95 a mile for the fairfax county parkway. if left lane is closed. the latest from potomac mills begin with the hov. in springfield, the left side is northbound adding to or the pentagon. alison and doug. >> thank you. you will like this story. the graduating seniors at kalamazoo michigan central high school had president obama delivered the commencement speech and they were thrilled. >> for one student in the choir, the president's address had the perfect tone to take a nap to. look at this. >> derek jeter was not born playing shortstop for the yankees. he got there through years of effort. [applause] >> he was yawning.
5:52 am
throughout the president's speech, the young man yawned and nodded off a couple of times. only occasionally did he become alert. that was when his classmates were cheering. that rattled him. >> i imagine he's getting teased about that. it happens from time to time. all of these people go to great extent to make sure they have the right background and then this happens. don't fall asleep during a presidential address. >> exactly. >> another in a series of bizarre incidents. on sunday a television camera captured a small child drinking from a beer bottle. a spokesperson says she believes the bottle was empty. this comes on the heels of other incidents involving young people.
5:53 am
a teenager was tasered by security and other fans intentionally vomited on an 11- year-old girl. get them out of the park as quickly as possible. this was worn by lady diana spencer, or first official engagement address. it was sold at auction for $275,000. she was only 19 there. >> i remember that picture. >> a chilean fashion museum purchased it. it was a revealing dress back then. distit caused a minor scandal when she was seen at the event in 1981 at a charity function. they thought it was a little daring for the bride to be, but it helped turn her into a fashion icon, the beginning of many gorges dresses that she
5:54 am
would wear. >> if in 1981 that was considered a little risque, but not today. >> absolutely. all right, 5:
5:55 am
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>> some prince william county residents are being urged to stay alert. >> a rabid fox could be on the loose. authorities believe it has attacked five people at the park in manassas.
5:57 am
it has been two people. officials say they are undergoing treatment. more people may have had encounters with it. park visitors are being encouraged to be careful. >> manassas park has pretty good ammanimal control. >> rabies can be prevented by getting rabies shots right away. police and animal control officers say that if you see a strange animals acting funny, get away from it quickly. the threat of rabies can linger in the park even if annabelle is captured and killed. now that the weather is nice and everybody's outside with their children, you have to look around. >> i hope that he was just yawning. i have a lot more to come in the second hour. it has been nearly a year since the deadly metro accident, but families feel they're being ignored. we will tell you why. it was a big night in
5:58 am
politics and an even bigger night for women. i am courtney robinson live from capitol hill with a look at the i am courtney robinson live from capitol hill with a look at the winners and
5:59 am
>> moments away on good morning washington, the new ace of the nationals lives up to the higyp